Times Techies Webinar : Careers in Java – 25 years of the programming


The Times of India’s  Times Techies column team invited me and Mala Gupta ) for a Facebook Webinar on the topic Careers in Java – 25 years of programming.

It was a great honour to be part of the Times Techies Webinar. Myself with Mala Gupta who is also a Java Champion like me The Scrum Guidepart of the Webinar. Thank you for both Sujjit john and Shilpa Phadnis and team to consider Java as a useful topic.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Mala Gupta”]Java should be one of the languages your learn because sooner or later you will be working on it[/blockquote]

At the start of the session, Mala gave an excellent presentation on Java and its journey of 25 years and went through her community participation. She is from JetBrains as a Developer Advocate, the same company created JetBrains and the community I belong, Kotlin.

After the talk, it was a QnA. Sujit and Shilpa nicely moderated and the questions where really good.

What is Java Champion?

Java Champions come from a broad cross-section of the Java community. They are leaders; candidates are leading Java-related projects, JUG communities, and so on. They are technical luminaries; the candidate should be a Java engineer or architect who is relatively senior and has lots of experience. Java Champions are independent-minded and credible. They are also involved with applications of Java Technology or some humanitarian or educational effort openly available to the Java community (vs. a company-proprietary or government-classified project).  – Java Chamipons

One of my awaiting questions was, OMG! do I have to explain this? Since I become Java Champion following question asked me often than What is Java Champions!

  • Raj, I have 10 years experience, working on cutting edge technology. How can I be Java Champion?
  • X: “Raj, How much?”  I replied, “What? How much?”  X told “Java Champion.”
  • Where you wrote the Java Champion certification?

O Man, For almost three months this is the main questions. For the actual detail, please watch the video, link given above.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Rajmahendra”]Many startups may be using other languages, But if you want to work in an enterprise, the Java platform is inevitable[/blockquote]

Java careers

For anyone who likes to presume in Java, whether they lean any JVM, its good to know core Java knowledge. It helps them TimesTechiesWebinarJava2020to switch between different language in the platform.

Android, Kotlin, and Java?

An excellent questions I have to put a separate post on this. Mala and I have given a good detail explanation on this.

Some of the other interesting questions

  • Functional programming and expressive programming?
  • Should a beginner choose Java or Kotlin?

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Times Techies: In the Newspaper column, Webinar report”]Java is Wodes[read in the enterprise, you have to learn it.  [/blockquote]

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